Garden Furniture Buying Guide

If you want to create stylish and functional outdoor areas, knowing how to choose the right garden furniture is crucial. With the wide assortment of designs and varying qualities of craftsmanship available today when it comes to outdoor furniture, selecting the right pieces can seem more complicated, especially to the inexperienced and untrained eye. However, certain criteria can guide you in making all the right choices when it comes to furnishing your outdoor spaces. Check out the list below to learn the things you need to consider when shopping for garden furniture and use it to guide you in your next furniture-shopping endeavor.

Buying Guide – Garden Furniture


Outdoor garden furniture needs to be able to withstand constant exposure to sun, wind, and rain. Often, the material of the furniture is a significant factor in its durability. Wood such as teak is a popular choice because it is long-lasting and resistant to sun, moisture, insects and decay, not to mention weathering gives it a silvery patina over time. Wrought iron is ideal for windy areas because of its weight anchors it well outdoors. Aluminum is an excellent choice as well, as it is resistant to rust and corrosion.


Like durability, design is largely influenced by the material. Wood and other plant materials such as cane, rattan, and bamboo work great in landscaped gardens as they naturally blend in with the natural environment outdoors. Wrought iron benches with intricate designs inspire the classic French style and are ideal for cozy, romantic spots. More contemporary designs made of aluminum or plastic look ideal for modern spaces that rouse a unique, eclectic vibe. Likewise on can consider handmade garden furniture . Which can add a human raw feel to the ambiance.


Even small details and additional accessories such as throw pillows, scarves, and chair or lounge covers can make or break the look of your outdoor spaces. Many furniture pieces meant to bear weight but are made of a relatively flexible material, such as a rattan chair, need to have cushions or pillows to spread the sitter’s weight and prevent premature sagging or cracking. See to it that the accent pillows, upholstery, or other accessories incorporated into your furniture match well and support the look you are going for.


It would be great if you can personally sit or recline on a furniture piece before actually buying it, to check if it is comfortable enough for you to rest and relax on. You would not want to purchase anything you’d rather avoid, especially when it comes to outdoor pieces intended for relaxation or fun socialization with friends and family.


;lkjhgfdghjkl;kjhThe cost of the furniture versus your budget for your furnishing project is a practical consideration that largely influences the choices available to you. Decide on a ceiling price you are willing to spend for, and check out your options within the price range comfortable to you. Also be on the lookout for sale days in antique shops, gardening centers, or your local furniture store, as well as good deals offered online. Having well-furnished and stylish outdoor spaces does not need to burn a hole in your pocket if you know how and where to look for the right pieces.…